Pat Marchetti and Hunters Glen Roxy relaxing after playtime!

Board of Directors

Board Members: Denise DeCosta, Laura Harakaly, Joanne Guilmain and Robert Burns

Treasurer/Membership: Pat Marchetti

Secretary: Nate Turner

Webmaster: Lisa Benoit

History of the YJRTN

The Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network was founded as an affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America in 1997 to serve the New England area. The goal of the club is to provide a more localized support function to the New England Jack Russell Terrier breeders and owners. This goal is carried out through the Yankee Trials, the many Fun Days that are held by Yankee members throughout New England and by providing information and education to our members through our newsletter, The Terrier Connection.

Where the YJRTN is today...

Many years later, our club is stronger and more active than ever! Our membership has grown and so has the interest of the many JRT owners in the area.

YJRTN Trials

Each year in May we hold two trials, the Yankee I & II Terrier Trials. The trials are held the 3rd weekend in May. The trials are held at the Hebron Fairgrounds in Hebron, CT. It is a great opportunity to meet many of our Yankee members. Each trial is a huge success and a whole lot of fun as our members can attest!

YJRTN Events

We have many exciting events in the works! There are several Fun Days that have been scheduled and we are already looking for more ways to assist and encourage more members to host new Fun Days. It is our members that make us who we are and we recognize that their success is our success! 

YJRTN Constitution

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